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Post Three, It's Been A While

Happy Saturday everyone, we figured we would take some time on this beautiful July afternoon to update our friends and fans on what we've been up to. There is a whole lot, so I will try to keep this short. 

  1. We participated in the Asbury Park Beer Festival (in February) at Convention Hall, it was an amazing time. Sadly we weren't able to pour our beer but we were able to meet a bunch of beer fans and locals, sell some shirts and talk shop. It was an absolute pleasure meeting all of you!
  2. We finalized our tap handle design, we are thrilled with how they look and we can't wait to scatter them all over New Jersey. If you haven't seen them you can do a quick stalk of our Instagram photos (@DarkCityBrewing) and it is there.
  3. OUR EQUIPMENT ARRIVED! Getting it all safely off the truck and standing upright was the most stressful day ever but it went off without a hitch. The tanks are beautiful and we can't wait to fire up the brew house.
  4. We've added a new member to the Dark City family. Stephen Bohacik will be brewing alongside of Kevin from the moment we open. Steve is an experienced local brewer who's resume includes Kane Brewing Company and Basil T's. 
  5. We have locked in all of our raw materials contracts and have been continuously tweaking and brewing test batches of our beers, toying with beer names and updating beer descriptions as the flavor profiles change. It is coming along great and we are crazy excited about all of them! 
  6. We obtained our Federal license as well as all local approvals and building permits, construction is currently underway on the brewery and the tasting room. When it is finished we will be ready to get our hands on our New Jersey state license and then it's brewing time!

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