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Post Twenty Five, New Year New Me...

Good evening and Happy New Year beautiful fans and followers of Dark City Brewing Company! Kevin here, thanking you for stopping by for the read. I will try to be as brief as possible. We've got some funtivities coming up for our 3 Year Anniversary week and I'll get into all of those in detail very shortly but first I want to address the "New Year New Me" subject line. 

At this point you already know that we say it every single year, we are revamping things, coming out with new branding, new beers, new events, etc. This year is simultaneously no different and WAY different. This year will mark our biggest revamp yet. 

It is with a cuvée (blend) of powerful emotions, mostly excitement and optimism, that I announce that as of January 1, 2019 Dark City Brewing Company will be under new ownership. 2019 will usher in a ton of changes and a new era of artfully crafted beer will begin on the corner of Second and Main in Asbury Park, NJ. 

Turning this dream into a physical reality has been the most exciting and trying journey of my life. Spending months before we opened marching in and out of these doors, pouring blood sweat and tears into this location as this place transformed from my imagination into a living, breathing, thriving entity in a community I care so much about - is tough to describe with proper grammar. The fact that this little team and this little place are the first of it’s kind in a city with such a deep and rich history of creativity is unreal. Since the doors opened there have been three years of continuosly coming through these doors to work, create, share, struggle, learn tweak, repeat. 

I want to thank all of the amazing fans, followers, friends and new family that I have made along the way who believe in this little thing. I am beyond excited about what the future holds and you should be too. The company is being handed over to someone very near and dear to me and the whole project, Stephen Bohacik, a long time co-owner and the head brewer from day 1. Dark City is in incredibly capable hands, the same hands that have made all of the beers you have come to know and love thus far.

Come out for our 3 year anniversary in the tasting room on Saturday 1/5 and Sunday 1/6 to send me off and let's close this chapter and open a new one together! Here’s a look of what we’ve got coming up for the anniversary week:

  • 1/3 - Release of DCBC3 and Second & Main cans

  • 1/4 - Special variant tap list

  • 1/5 - Special variant tap list, sour heavy.

  • 1/6 - Special variant tap list, stout/barrel aged beer heavy.

  • 1/9 - Beer & Donut Pairing 5 (SOLD OUT)

  • 1/10 - Paragon Tap & Table takeover, 4 lines (all specialty beers)

Thanks, as always, for the read. I look forward to hanging out and raising a glass with you in a few weeks!


Kevin Sharpe

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