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Post Twenty, Zombie Walk Anniversary Beer & Where to Find It

In mid-September we had the pleasure of getting Zombie Walk founder Jason Meehan, who is also a former brewer, in the building to collaborate on a beer for the 10th Zombie Walk! Kevin, Steve and Jason bounced ideas off one another via text for a few weeks prior to brew day. We landed on a tasty seasonal beer for the people, dead or living. The beer, aptly named "Zombie Walk", is a 5% biscuity amber ale brewed with pumpkin then spiced in the kettle with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and vanilla. The result is a unlike most pumpkin beers you've had, the spice is subtle, you can drink more than one. We hope you enjoy it!

This beer wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Jason dreaming up this event and we thank him for that and his help on brew day (photos below). We also got some assistance from Matthew Whelan of the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce... We are very pleased with this product and honored to be a part of such an awesome Asbury Park event, so we want to share with everyone where they can find it this weekend! Full list below:

In Asbury: 
- Talula's
- Johnny Macs
- Kim Marie's
- Wonder Bar
- Anchors Bend
- Asbury Oyster Bar
- Robinson Ale House
- Asbury Ale House
- Barrio Costero
- Cross & Orange

Out of Town:
- MJs (Tinton Falls & Neptune)
- Brielle Ale House
- Toms River Ale House
- Jack's Goal Line Stand
- The Shepherd & The Knucklehead (Haledon & Hoboken)
- Barcade Jersey City
- The Plank Pizza Co. 

Other DCBC Beers in Asbury: 
- Stella Marina
- Watermark
- Brando's
- Lush Wines

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