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Post Seventeen, Commence Year Two

Good afternoon everyone! Happy New Year! I have officially recovered from our first anniversary weekend and am ready to tackle year two. I want to thank you all for your support during our first year of trials and tribulations, soul searching and experimentation. In year one we threw a bunch of experiments at the wall in an attempt to learn our brew system and see what stuck. We have a really good idea of what stuck, we have years worth of metrics to show for it. 

In year two we plan to continue honing our core beers and continue to create the fun stuff. We've got a pretty good handle on our beers but as we reach the point where we are bringing back some seasonal offerings for the first time, rest assured that we have not grown complacent. We are still tweaking, fine tuning everything until it is the absolute liquid perfection that your tastebuds deserve. 

Things we are most excited about right now are Circuit cream ale, it is relatively new but it has been so well received that we can't brew enough of it. I'm looking forward to bringing cans of that into the market as it starts to get warmer. This year we will be continuing to can with the same frequency, fall and winter you will always be able to find Bond Street Brownie cans on our store shelves and in the tasting room, spring and summer we will have Circuit cans available. Another thing we are excited about is our hometown beer fest, Asbury Park Beerfest! Last year we won best in show, which was a surprise as a 2 week old brewery. This year we are looking forward to bringing our products back for you all to enjoy, wouldn't mind another trophy but may the best brewery win (and there are a lot of them attending this year!) Our new batch of Urban Decay, imperial stout, is stronger, thicker and roastier than last year. We have a few kegs of the base beer that we will be bringing out in the tasting room and to special events, the rest is sleeping soundly in some bourbon barrels for a later release. We have a few other cool things in the pipeline this year that I am not at liberty to discuss, as badly as I want to. 

Looking forward to seeing you all around at events and in the tasting room this year. Excited to see the familiar faces, meet some new ones and share some beers - obviously. 

Cheers all! Thanks for the read.
- Kevin Sharpe


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