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Post Eleven, Something Exciting And Informative

Good evening everyone, I haven't posted on here in a while and I missed you all, so here are some updates. They are all pretty awesome. First I will talk about our beers and how they are evolving from batch to batch, I implore everyone who had them in the past to not write them off because we aren't even six months old and are constantly tweaking things still. 


Brownie (our American brown ale) is now available in cans. We have improved the mouthfeel significantly and solidified the recipe and process. The mouthfeel improvements brought the alcohol up slightly from 4.8% to 5.1% but it is still a very approachable, drinkable malt bomb. Available in cans and on draft, all batches are finally consistent across the board.

Charrette (our Belgian RIPA) is another one of our more popular offerings and we've made some changes in the hopes of making it more likable. It is still noticeably a Belgian Rye IPA, though the dry hop has increased on the batch that just moved into the brite tank today, so the tropical/floral notes from the Jarrylo and El Dorado shine through. 

Summerfield (our dry-hopped kettle sour) has received the most attention of any of our beers recently. The first batch, which is all that exists in the world at the moment was certainly a hit but we wanted something more unique and truly ours. That being said, we enlisted the help of some friends down in Tuckahoe who are making amazing kettle sours and our local friends at Fine Health Kombucha to incorporate their scoby culture into our sours. After a few months of conversations, trial, error and more trial, we landed where we are today. Our first batch of Summerfield was just a pure pitch of a single strain of Lactobacillus. Our current house Lactobacillus culture has six as well as some other welcomed funk. We've brewed this beer 4 times over the last 10 days in preparation for a new draft batch and also a batch of Summerfield cans, coming soon.


We are really enjoying our first summer season and all of the awesome events that it is bringing for us to partake in. Below are a few upcoming events that you don't want to miss and HERE is a link to more. 

  • 6/25: Garden State Brewer's Guild Battleship Fest - Camden, NJ.
  • 6/26: Beer & Brunch Pairing - Amendment 21 in Point Pleasant, NJ
  • 6/28: Tap Takeover @ Cloverleaf Tavern - Caldwell, NJ

I look forward to sharing these new, evolving beers with you all - perhaps at one of the upcoming events above. If not, I'll see you in the tasting room... Cheers everyone, thanks for reading!
- Kevin

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