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Post Ten, Now Accepting Can Design Submissions

Good afternoon everyone! We have finally reached the point where we have mastered using our brewing equipment and feel our beer recipes are dialed in. It is nearing time to put our beer in cans. Beautiful sixteen ounce cans. 

There are so many amazing can designs out there, we want our cans to be amazing as well. That is why we are calling on our fans and members of the creative community that we call home to submit your ideas for a Dark City Brewing Company can design. 

We are asking that any submissions be designs for the Bond Street Brownie brand, for the sake of uniformity. Here are a few other guidelines/must haves:

  1. Government warning
  2. Dark City Logo (obviously)
  3. Barcode or area to input one
  4. Dark City address
  5. Beer description, either from our website or created on your own
  6. 16 FL OZ and 4.8% ABV

Other than that, pretty much anything goes. We are excited to see what sort of things you guys come up with. If you are new to beer can design and want some inspiration - check out Oh Beautiful Beer. You are also encouraged to reach out to us via the website/Facebook or email kevin@darkcitybrewing.com with mockups, questions or anything else. 

We are not putting a timeline on this and appreciate the fact that your submissions are made on a voluntary basis on your own time. Only the chosen designer will be paid for their design and for future designs of other beers we put in cans. We will announce more details on this as it goes on, like a submission deadline, etc. For the time being we want it to run with minimal limitations. Good luck and pass it on!

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