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Post Seven, A Few Awesome Updates

Good afternoon all! Happy hump day... Happy February!

Not sure where January went but we are happy with how it ended. Asbury Park Beerfest was an amazing time, yet again. We managed to leave this year with some "Best In Show" hardware which is an incredible feeling. Thank you to everyone who came out, cast votes, gave hugs, high fives and best wishes! 

Now on to some beer related updates: 

  1. Gluten reduced City Limits is on tap in the tasting room now. Gluten reduced Charrette and Brownie are on deck. Once batch 1 of everything kicks, batch 2 and all subsequent batches of our "Core Four" will be gluten reduced. The steps to do this do not degrade the quality of the beer in any way, we assure you. In fact, they make them more delicious if you ask us.
  2. We are super thrilled with everyone's response to our imperial stout, Urban Decay. As a reward for your kindness, we will now be doing growler fills of this roasty deliciousness.
    1. While on the subject of growlers: we DO NOT fill 32oz swing top growlers. Our taps don't allow us to do so efficiently, we waste a lot of beer in attempting to do so and we don't want you taking home a growler of foam.
  3. Tasting room hours this weekend are back to our usual winter hours: Thurs-Fri: 5-9pm and Sat-Sun: 12-6pm. We have some cool variants on tap currently / in the works:
    1. Urban Decay (tart cherry)
    2. City Limits (mango)
    3. Charrette (strawberry/banana)
    4. Brownie (coconut) *on deck and Gluten Reduced
  4. Version 2 of One Way Street, our single-hop session IPA will be entering the tap lineup in a few weeks. This version's hop is Centennial.

That's all for now folks. Thanks for the read! Hope to see you this weekend in the tasting room!
- Kevin

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