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Post Five, The Calm Before The Storm

Good afternoon all, 

Thanks for dropping by for the read. As most of you have already heard, our grand opening is tomorrow 1/8/16 from 5pm-9pm. We are incredibly excited to welcome you all to our tasting room and share all of our hard work with you. That being said, I want to take this time to answer a few questions and make a few very important announcements, sorry if this gets wordy, please power through and continue reading:

  1. We know everyone is as excited as we are to have some beers, however our tasting room capacity is comfortably about 85 people, tops. We will have someone working the door, checking IDs and counting heads entering/exiting. Please bundle up in the event of a line and we appreciate your patience.
    1. We also appreciate it if those coming take the tour, try the beers, perhaps take some to go and then cycle out to allow us to accommodate everyone during this busy weekend. Our beers are also in other Asbury Park locations, they can be found here
    2. We also have branded 64oz growlers for sale and will happily fill growlers brought in. There are a number of great BYOB restaurants around town with awesome food that would pair well with a Dark City beer. 
  2. We do not have any food, nor do we allow any food in our tasting room.
  3. We plan to be a kid and dog friendly brewery, for well behaved kids and well behaved dogs. We strongly advise you come without them this weekend because there is substantial buzz around this event and we expect our tasting room is going to be jam packed.
  4. We received an alert earlier today that there will be funeral services for a Deal police officer tomorrow afternoon at the church up the block and the street parking is being reserved for people attending those services. That being said, we expect our already meager parking situation to be worse than usual. 

I think that about covers it. We can't express enough how much we love you all for following, supporting, sharing, getting excited with us about this amazing journey we are about to embark on. When the craziness of the next two weekends is over, I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and talking about beer, life, collaboration ideas, whatever you want.

Until that day comes, I really appreciate your patience and cooperation in allowing us to share this event with everyone. See you this weekend.
- Kevin Sharpe

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