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Post Six, There's An Actual Storm Coming

Good afternoon all, happy Friday! 

For those of you who don't get the title of this blog post, see Post Five, The Calm Before The Storm (regarding our grand opening.) I just wanted to reach out and quickly say thank you to everyone who has come to our beer events or tasting room to take the tour of our facility and enjoy the beers! 

Now to the incoming dangerous winter storm "Jonas" - we will be open tonight (Friday) and depending on how things shape up we may be open tomorrow as well (though it isn't looking good at the moment). We will post on all of our social media outlets and mailing list with whatever our decision may be. Our primary concern is the safety of our staff and you- our friends, and customers. 

We aren't sure where the storm is going to hit the worst or how bad it is actually going to be, but we have updated the list of bars we are located at, in the event that some of these places are remaining open and you really have a hankering for a DCBC beer. The list can be found here.

Thanks for the read, stay safe and warm everyone! 

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