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Second Post, December Updates

Greetings readers, thanks for dropping by! I want to update you all on a few things happening in our lives right now, if you don't care and want to be totally surprised, stop reading now. Spoilers ahead!

First, we brewed a brown ale with our friend Chris Brown from Bond Street bar in Asbury Park over the weekend. It was a really good time. Lots of other beers were drank, food was eaten, brains were storming. It was also almost 60 degrees and sunny which was fantastic! 

Second, literally everything is underway. Everything. Whatever you can think of that a brewery needs - we've got it in process. Tap handle design? Packaging design? Equipment fabrication? Licensing? Merch design? Test batch brewing? Staff training? So much more! Plus Christmas shopping, eating and sleeping... Yeah, we've been busy - sorry for our social media silence.

Third? There isn't a definitive third because we are too busy working on all of the above. We really hope you are all getting as excited as we are. A huge thank you to all the folks who have seen us about town and come say hello! All of us look forward to meeting more of you and obviously serving you some beers as soon as possible! 

Until next time,

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