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Post Eighteen, Industry Night and Springtime Hours...

Good evening everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed this beautiful Sunday and the rest of your weekend! We've survived yet another awesome experience at the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival and had a killer weekend in the tasting room with our pal Johnny's Pork Roll & Coffee Truck.

Just wanted to throw a quick blog post together now that the warm weather is here and provide you with some updates on various DCBC happenings, details on most of which can be found on our Events page:

  • Industry Night: starting tomorrow, 4/3/2017, we are going to be open on Monday's from 5-9pm for "Industry Night." We will be open to all members of the general public and also to bar/restaurant/brewing industry members.. Show us your credentials (a recent pay stub, an ABC card, brewery business card, etc.) and receive discounted flights, pints and merchandise!
  • Spring/Summer Hours: this weekend began our seasonal extended hours, Thursday-Friday 5-10pm and Saturday-Sunday 12-8pm.. We aren't including Monday's in the extended hours just yet because it is a new thing and it's a school night. 
  • Brushes & Brews: on Wednesday night 5/26, we will be doing a night catered to creativity. For $38 dollars (plus Eventbrite fees) you will receive 2 hours of painting and sipping on a 4 beer flight or pint of your choice. We will also be open for additional beers to be purchased at your leisure! The theme of our first paint and sip night is vintage beer cans. 

Spring and Summer beers are on the way! Some of your favorite offerings from Dark City are coming, the ones you've been asking about all year.. Below are some of them and the tentative release dates.. More information on these beers can be found on our Beers page. 

  • Summerfield (dry-hopped Berliner Weisse) - early/mid April
  • Blue Bishop (blueberry/Mosaic IPA) - mid April
  • Boom! Roasted (coffee IPA) - early May

Thanks for the read and your continued support. Have a good week and we hope to see you in the weekends to come!
- Kevin Sharpe

Post Seventeen, Commence Year Two

Good afternoon everyone! Happy New Year! I have officially recovered from our first anniversary weekend and am ready to tackle year two. I want to thank you all for your support during our first year of trials and tribulations, soul searching and experimentation. In year one we threw a bunch of experiments at the wall in an attempt to learn our brew system and see what stuck. We have a really good idea of what stuck, we have years worth of metrics to show for it. 

In year two we plan to continue honing our core beers and continue to create the fun stuff. We've got a pretty good handle on our beers but as we reach the point where we are bringing back some seasonal offerings for the first time, rest assured that we have not grown complacent. We are still tweaking, fine tuning everything until it is the absolute liquid perfection that your tastebuds deserve. 

Things we are most excited about right now are Circuit cream ale, it is relatively new but it has been so well received that we can't brew enough of it. I'm looking forward to bringing cans of that into the market as it starts to get warmer. This year we will be continuing to can with the same frequency, fall and winter you will always be able to find Bond Street Brownie cans on our store shelves and in the tasting room, spring and summer we will have Circuit cans available. Another thing we are excited about is our hometown beer fest, Asbury Park Beerfest! Last year we won best in show, which was a surprise as a 2 week old brewery. This year we are looking forward to bringing our products back for you all to enjoy, wouldn't mind another trophy but may the best brewery win (and there are a lot of them attending this year!) Our new batch of Urban Decay, imperial stout, is stronger, thicker and roastier than last year. We have a few kegs of the base beer that we will be bringing out in the tasting room and to special events, the rest is sleeping soundly in some bourbon barrels for a later release. We have a few other cool things in the pipeline this year that I am not at liberty to discuss, as badly as I want to. 

Looking forward to seeing you all around at events and in the tasting room this year. Excited to see the familiar faces, meet some new ones and share some beers - obviously. 

Cheers all! Thanks for the read.
- Kevin Sharpe


Post Sixteen, 1st Anniversary News and FOMO Re-Release

Hey all- brewer Steve here... Let’s talk about FOMO.

In general when you look at all of our beers, and to a certain extant if you talk to Kevin or I about it, you would see that we have more than a slight West Coast-bias in our approach to beer.  Up until starting to toy around with the idea of making a Northeast style IPA, fully conditioned hoppy beers were how we did things here at DCBC.  Local Summer was our first shot at this, but unless you had it the day it came out it was, at it’s haziest, still translucent.  We then did a Street Series NEIPA, which while it was a good beer, still wasn’t hitting the mark.  So I made some changes to the recipe, and FOMO v2 was what we were set to release November 17th, our riff on what the guys up in the north east are doing so well. 

So, anyone that showed up on the 17th and bought some expecting a NEIPA, I’d personally like to say I’m sorry.  We had some carbonation issues obviously – it was the first time we tried to can three different beers in a single run.  We have that issue resolved now, so that won’t happen in the future.  And for missing the mark on the style, I went back and did a ton more research on it, and zeroed in on what went wrong there as well.   So, if you’re willing to give us another shot at this, I’d like to invite you to give what we are calling "FOMO 2: A Redemption Story" a shot over our Anniversary Weekend. (Thursday, January 5 - Sunday, January 8) - we will have it available in cans all weekend, it will be on draft at our satellite tap takeovers that weekend at Maloney's in Matawan and Jack's Goal Line Stand in Long Branch. It may also make a special appearance on our official 1 year anniversary party in the tasting room on Sunday 1/8/17.

Test batches of this latest iteration of FOMO are exactly where we want the beer to be, exactly where you as the consumer should expect a NEIPA to be. We are hopping this one with copious amounts of Amarillo, Hallertau Blanc and NZ Motueka and it is ripe with citrus, floral, tropical fruit notes. Heavy on the orange, grapefruit and pineapple but with subtle hints of peach, passion fruit and lime.

On a side note, for those of you that didn’t exchange your cans of the original FOMO in the recall and don’t mind the carbonation problem, I had my last two the other night and it mellowed out to a nice traditional IPA. We appreciate your patience as we sorted out these issues and are excited to share the proper beer with you soon.

Steve Bohacik

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