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The official website of Dark City Brewing Company. Asbury Park, NJ’s first craft brewery.

About Dark City Brewing Company

 Left: Stephen Bohacik (head brewer), center: Kevin Sharpe (founder/president), right: Jaret Gelb (distribution)

Left: Stephen Bohacik (head brewer), center: Kevin Sharpe (founder/president), right: Jaret Gelb (distribution)

Who Are We?

Kevin Sharpe, the founder (pictured above in the center), is a lifelong Monmouth County/Jersey Shore resident and graduate of Stockton University. He's a former digital media professional with a passion for home brewing and the craft beer industry. He's so into beer that he briefly went back to school at the Siebel Institute of Technology for quality control and brewing technology courses. 

Stephen Bohacik, the head brewer (pictured above on left), is a former line cook of Church Key, the award winning craft beer bar in Washington DC. It was here that he developed his passion for big flavor and took a liking to great beer. He's also got a brewing education from the American Brewer's Guild and brewing experience from two other established Monmouth County breweries. 

Jaret Gelb, the distribution wizard/designated driver (pictured above on right), is a Brooklyn-born Jersey transplant with several years of experience working in beer/wine/liquor retail outlets. He's a Cicerone Certified Beer Server, the biggest beard in the company and the reason you've probably seen our beer at a bar or liquor store near you. 

Our Mission

We are incredibly proud to be Asbury Park's first craft brewery, this town has a very rich history and it feels so amazing to be a part of it. Our primary goal at DCBC is to craft beers that are unique and eccentric. Asbury Park is a very creative community, it always has been, which is one of the many reasons we love calling it home. This city is bursting at the seams with innovative cuisines, music, art galleries galore and so much more. We want to salute the creativity in this community. As such, our tasting room is a shrine for local creativity in every form. The rotating local art wall, our mural wall, the beers themselves. Everything.

Why Dark City?

We often get asked about how and why we chose the name Dark City Brewing Company. We chose it for several reasons. Mainly it is a widely known nickname for Asbury Park. There are many interpretations as to where, when and why this nickname came about. Our decision to adopt this name and run with it comes from our desire to celebrate Asbury Park's ability to bounce back from hardships of every form. This city has been around for a long time, it has seen a lot of ups and downs, hurricanes, ships running aground, race riots, power outages, you name it. Guess what? It's still here, stronger than ever. We think that is pretty awesome and worthy of raising a glass to. Cheers to the City by the Sea. 

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